willow_aileen (willow_aileen) wrote,

Am I done yet?

I have two more days of class. One more final project to do, and a reflection paper. I'm still waiting to get my grade for my e-portfolio back though. I'm half convinced I'm going to fail the portfolio. If I do I don't know if I'll try again. I'm just so ready to be done.

I'm tired, drained, and I can feel Depression trying to worm it's way in. And I'm wondering if stress is one of my triggers. Or maybe I should say that I'm hoping it is. Because then in a week, I'll be able to relax a bit more. To simply concentrate on job hunting, holidays, and work. Instead of work, holidays, class, homework, and job hunting.

It seems every time I'm dealing with Depression the focus is different. Sometimes it's body image issues, sometimes it's mental abilities. This time around it's "Does anyone really like me?" By which I mean not my established friends, but the new friends I'm trying to make. I'm feeling very much like the little girl I used to be who tried so very hard to make friends, but for the most part the people she tried to befriend would hide or lie to get away from her.
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