willow_aileen (willow_aileen) wrote,

mental health 12/8/13

I wonder if I should write these in the evening...oh well.

Feeling mildly discontent today. Today was rest day for exercising, so I did that dvd and did the 25 minute stretching work out. Felt great physically and emotionally while I was doing that. And now I'm sitting with my sun lamp and coffee. Even though this is a lot like yesterday, I'm not feeling as happy as I was yesterday. And I'm not sure why. My theories: We have one of the skies right now that looks like a block of cement. I also haven't gotten much done with my final that is due Wednesday. So maybe it's stress coming around that is bothering me. I think tonight after work I will lock myself in the office and try to concentrate on it. I do have Tuesday and Wednesday off, but if I could actually relax on my days off that would be lovely.
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